Friday, March 6, 2009


So youtube is messing up the first second of this video...ill have to fix it later...but anyway...below u will find a bowling ball and a golf ball...


  1. your gutter ball wouldnt play on your blog so i had to go to youtube to watch it. i liked when it went over the edge! but it made me sad that none of the pins were hit. :-(

    i love the golf ball!

    so, i guess you got "how to make a ball bounce" all figured out now, huh? the bowling ball was good and heavy and the golf ball was hard and bouncy.

    i actually hate gravity. but i suppose without gravity there would be no inertia.

  2. yea youtube was being a little bitch...

    i would have had the pins hit...but that would mean i would have to animate them...which would mean more work...and we don't want none of that...well maybe over break...

    and gravity? inertia? lmao

  3. so remember that time that you used to play bubble shooter all the time... "balls" reminded me of that...<3