Saturday, April 4, 2009


Just took a google image...appled a cos curve expression to make him fly around...i shall call him icarus...


  1. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!! <3

    If you just took a google image, how come there is color on both under and on top of his wings?

  2. well...its a google image...and then u make it 3d so u can see it 3d other words

    its like...wen u have a piece of paper...that u drew a red line on...and then u turn the paper over...and u realize the red line is on the other side too...thats the best way i can explain it via the internet...

    if that doesn't make sense(cuz it probably doesn't) then ill explain it to u in person...=)

  3. cos curves bring back bad memories, but your butterfly is beautiful!!

  4. haha i know! but they are so useful...THANKS DANA!