Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Here it is!

A culmination of work...

Ill probably edit it a little bit at a later date...but for's my reel


  1. OMG~~ Amanda! This is incredible~! How does it feel to see all of this together? You are truly great, did you know that?

    Watching it was like watching the pages of a book. It's great because I have seen all of these before, but once it's all together like this, it's evident how much work and growth you've really done this year.

    You may not be graduating with us, but it still feels appropriate to stop and think and measure growth from where you were (in life? in skill? in everything?) four years ago, to where you are now. You are an amazing, beautiful, creative, and powerful person. You have really accomplished a lot.

    I am incredibly proud to be your friend.